Some Wedding Photography FAQs

Wedding Photography FAQs?

Quite handy, my Wedding Photography FAQs may well have a few points that you have overlooked! Please read on!

 What kind of wedding photographer am I?

In the industry, we like to call it Reportage or Documentary, in other words, natural, not forced, go with the flow and try not to get in the way! That said, and ironically enough, I won the BIPPNW Wedding Classic GOLD Trophy in 2016, which is mainly about posing!

Are awards important?

THIS IS A BIG YES! As the photographic industry isn’t marshalled, basically anyone can pick up a camera and announce that they are photographers. Hence why we keep hearing about upset couples in the newspapers, who got what they thought was a cheap deal only to pay for it later. A photographer who’s won accreditation and other awards from a professional body like the BIPP means that at least he or she knows what they are doing. Remember you only get one shot at your wedding, and the photos are the only thing you have left when it’s all over.

How many awards have I won so far?

Since 2013 I have won 15 awards and accreditations for various disciplines in photography. I have also exhibited some of my wildlife work at the ‘2016 Photography! Show’ at the Buckinghamshire County Museum in Aylesbury, Preston, Halifax and Taunton in 2017.

Am I insured?

YES! Very important!

How much work is involved?

The routine pretty much goes like this: – as well as the day itself, there is the lead-up: informal chats and meetings with the couple, location inspection, liaising with organisers, priests and travel time. Once the big day is done, I have the sorting, the processing, colour correction, manipulation and final presentation treatments. This process takes from two to five days worth of time depending on the size of the package required. Then there is the album. This takes around a day to two days to design as well as the production cost. It’s all about time!

How many weddings will I cover per year?

Such is the time and effort put into each wedding, that there are only a limited number of wedding dates available each year, so I can give each one the proper attention that it deserves!

Do I use assistants and second photographers?

If the budget allows, I will use an assistant and it is recommended that one is used. Second photographers are also available.

Where will I go to shoot a wedding?

I have bases in East Lancashire, Birmingham, Whitby, Durham and Sussex, but I operate pretty much wherever I am told to go in the UK! Weddings abroad need to be discussed!

Colour or Black and White?

All my award winning wedding photographs have been in black and white. To me it’s more emotional and gives an image more focus. Experience has shown however, that many couples still like to see colour first and foremost, as it is how they see their day. Therefore I primarily produce colour originals, then select about half of the wedding selection as black and white alternatives.

Can I tailor the packages?

Of course! Everyone is different! Just give me a call, so we can discuss what you’re after!

So you’ve booked – what next?

Once you have paid the Booking Fee and signed the Contract (needed for insurance purposes), then that’s it until one month before your big day when you will be required to settle in full. I will do the necessary research and liaison with the venues and their co-ordinators beforehand, ensuring that I will keep my procedures as smooth as possible.

How can you pay?

The big question in my Wedding Photography FAQs. You can pay direct with BACS or cheque.

You have more questions?

Email me or just give me a ring on 07973 439 871 and we’ll have a chat!

What is the BIPP and what use is it?

I am an Associate member of the British Institute of Professional Photography. Being a member of the BIPP means that I am accredited as a professional photographer by senior members including some of the world’s most highly regarded photographers.

I hope you enjoyed my Wedding Photography FAQs. Please ask questions, and I will add them with answers as they come in.