A guide to the Galleries by Professional Photographer Chris Wright

The work you will see here is a relatively small selection by Professional Photographer Chris Wright. More up to date information and photos may be seen either on my blog or Instagram Weddings or Instagram Photos pages.

The wedding gallery has a mixture of colour and black and white photos. It highlights my documentary slant, but includes some more traditional type images too. You will find some wedding photos that are quite unorthodox and some that are very humorous. To me the day isn’t all about romance. It’s a very rich tapestry of small diverse events that make the whole day so memorable. These photos need to be shown!

The commercial gallery has examples of many areas covered over the years. You will see advertising campaign work using teddy bears to illustrate a solicitors’ firm. Product shots of anything from tea to trailer couplings. Event photography – something I want to increase in 2018. There are even some shots of aircraft that I am particularly proud of.

My architecture gallery is demonstrated in black and white only. I do shoot in colour of course, but my work takes on an extra special mood when the shots are switched to my own mono recipe. Maybe in 2018 I might do some buildings in colour if it fits, who knows!

My wildlife gallery is biased mainly to puffins, but there are a few other animals poking around too. All the seabird images are available to buy either as greetings cards, post cards or in a booklet. All images are available as prints.

In fact, all wildlife and architecture photos are available to buy as prints or incredible wall decor. All you need to do is call me to discuss your requirements.