Anniversary event photography of couples daughter and grandson

Anniversary Event Photography For Jen & Bill’s 50th Celebration

As you might have gathered, I’m not just a wedding photographer in the social photography world. Being an event photographer is becoming and increasing area for me too. This includes anniversary event photography, christening photography, awards nights, festivals, competitions. The list is endless.

Anniversary event photography of the couple doing a slideshow

A short while ago, I was asked to do some wedding anniversary event photography for a charming couple based in Holcombe Brook, Bury. I had been recommended by a good friend and colleague, Tony Darcy. She had done a wonderful job for the couple’s daughter-in-law, but was unable to make the date requested. So, that’s where I came in.

Coming recommended by Tony was quite an honour, as she won the UK Female Photographer of the Year for 2017. So I must be doing something right even though our styles are completely different!

Anniversary event photography portrait of child wearing a hat

The booking went through and I scheduled to meet Jen and Bill a couple of weeks before the party. This is something I always do to check everything is ready and that we are all on the same page. Good thing too! On meeting them, it turned out that there was a mix up with not only the date, but the location as well! Elisa had booked me for the first day of celebrations, but Jen and Bill wanted me on the second day.

Things like this do happen from time to time and it can be a grey area for photographers. Some would charge a client a second time for the revised day on the basis that they had refused work for the original day booked. So it can get messy.

Anniversary event photography of kids dressing up

Luckily I was free the day after, so I adjusted my diary with no issues. I was looking forwards to shooting at the Fisherman’s Retreat though. They have a spectacular landscape vista window, which would make for some fabulous photography. Never mind, maybe some other time!

So the day came and off we went. This was going to be tricky, as I had three hours to get some substantial work amongst sixty odd guests. The big obstacle was food. Lunch was being served which would heavily eat into the time that I was allowed to shoot.

Anniversary event photography of the bride

So like a meerkat, I stayed ultra-observant. When individual tables finished eating, I pounced with my trusty flash assistant Hannah. This tactic proved quite fluid and we got way more achieved than first feared. In the end, the shoot became just like how I go about my wedding photography. Looking at the characters and bringing out the personalities.

The photographs were all produced in colour, with some converted to black and white. This is my usual practice, as I still prefer black and white for my documentary style.

Anniversary event photography of guests laughing

The viewing went down a storm. So much so that Jen and Bill ordered eight DVDs to use as Christmas presents. Job done! So if you need someone to do your anniversary event photography or any other event photography, you know where I am!

To see more of my style in this field, look at both my wedding gallery and my commercial gallery.

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